First Snowboard Lesson in Dolomites

by Monika Telenga

Along with winter, the season of “white madness” comes to the European continent. If the term “white madness” is unfamiliar to you, I owe you a short explanation. Basically, “white madness” is an expression, describing the winter period, when everyone in Europe is super excited about winter sports. The first winter sport that you encounter as a child is sledging. Then it’s time for skiing and snowboarding. Not for me though, as I was stuck at sledging for a very long time. Finally, the time has come for the first snowboarding lesson and not just anywhere, but in the Italian Alps. In this post, I will tell you about my first snowboard lesson in the Dolomites!

Val Di Fiemme In Dolomites

Northern Italy is the Mecca of winter sports. The best routes, the most beautiful views, good infrastructure, but most of all snow and a good weather guarantee. Therefore, for my first snowboard lesson, I chose the Trentino region in the Val di Fiemme valley. This valley is a real gem among the treasures of nature. It is bordered by the Dolomite ranges to the north, Paneveggio Nature Park to the east, Monte Corno Nature Park to the west and Lagoraj mountain range to the south.
Thus, it was in this wonderful valley, in the town of Cavalese, that my first snowboard lesson was to take place. I guess I couldn’t have chosen more favourable circumstances. The Alpe Cermis ski area has 15 miles of downhill slopes, including one of the longest ski slopes in the Dolomiti Superski area (4.5 miles long Olimpia run). Add to that the white snow, the cloudless sky and the fact that the winter sports area is located between 2 822 and 7 382 feet. Sounds interesting? Considering that I have never had a snowboard on my feet before, let me tell you now, it was very interesting!

Practical Tips For Beginners


Winter sports are very physically demanding. I suggest physical exercise, long before the planned departure. If you do not take care of proper body preparation, forget about fun. By clicking on the star, you will see 5 exercises that will help you prepare for your first snowboard lesson.



It is not difficult to figure out that to play in the snow, you must wear something that will be waterproof. It is also worth wearing thermal clothes underneath so that they let the air through and keep you warm. Good gloves are especially important. Sometimes it is worth having a spare pair for a change. It all depends on the number of falls.



At least two hours with a professional instructor. On the slope, you will need a proper technique to maintain a decent standard, but also your safety and the safety of others. A lesson with an instructor will also add 100% to your confidence. Such lessons are not cheap. Depending on the number of people (of course the more, the better), the cost of lessons on the slope is from 40 to 60 euro per hour.

See Prices


Snowboard is a very demanding sport and you don't become a champion right away. You will experience many falls and moments of discouragement. However, if you spend time and attention to perfecting the technique, the results will surprise you very positively. Click on the star to see some of the first snowboard lessons.


My First Snowboard Lesson

The day has come. A day that I have imagined in my head many times, dreaming of a winter snowboarding vacation. I dreamed of a wooden house in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. I dreamed of morning coffee in the rays of the sun reflecting off the white powder. It was exactly what I dreamed of, and even better! At least the beginning of this day …

First, dressed from head to toe, as befits a snowboarder, I went to the slope. Then, I had to choose the right shoes and boards for my height. Later, with the board up to my armpit, I headed for the lift. Finally, a small, rocking cabin pulled up. The rule is to get in and out quickly. Suddenly, when I was going over 6 562 foot, it hit me! Clearly, I was going so high, to go down eventually. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t know how to even use snowboard!
Fortunately for me, there was a school for children right next to the exit of the funicular. Luckily, I was able to use the help of a professional instructor, who showed me all the basic descents and techniques. After two hours of lessons, I felt my legs ache. Also, I felt how much effort must be put into each subsequent rise after a fall.
At one point, as I was going downhill using the “leaf” technique, I felt that I was gaining speed quickly! Despite that, I felt quite confident. Fascinated, I watched the snow splashing from under my board, sideways. I looked ahead and a big smile descended on my face. Before me, there was a panorama of the snow-covered mountain chain. It was a dreamlike view and I was speechless with delight. Then I realised what “white madness” is about.

Let's Smash Some Trails!

What is the best on the slope? Adrenalin! I found out about it shortly after my first lesson.
I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of my first snowboarding lesson. Therefore, decided to hit the slope at the blue trail, which takes skiers about 20 minutes. Exactly, skiers! It was quite a long and winding route, which is not favourable for beginner snowboarders.
Although I felt the burning pain in my legs after the first meters, going back was out of the question. Consequently, riding down the trail was the only option as the chairlift was now closed. Fortunately, I was not alone. My partner, an experienced skier, served as a support. Despite the pain in my muscles and extreme fatigue, I was constantly in awe of the beautiful scenery. The trail led through the forest, covered with snow. The setting sun was piercing through the trees and everything looked like in a fairy tale.

Arrow Style

I came back to reality, falling hard into a huge snowdrift from which I had no strength to get up. Then I made a decision that I would cover the rest of the way with the “arrow” style, which is a term that describes going down as quickly as possible. Not a very smart choice, although I couldn’t come up with anything better back then. the goal was to get down before it gets dark!
This story is a perfect example of what not to do after your first snowboard lesson! After this crazy ride, I needed some time to regenerate. Therefore, it is better to dose yourself with pleasure and enjoy them longer. I will certainly come back to my lessons.
If you have any interesting stories related to skiing or snowboarding, feel free to share in the comments.

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