How To Explore Iceland

by Monika Telenga

Today, I want to focus on how to explore Iceland, an absolute beauty, a true wonder of nature, mysterious and still undiscovered land. My trip to explore Iceland took place from 12 of March till 16 of march and must say it was really cold, although the locals were saying it’s the beginning of spring. Of course, it didn’t stop me from discovering the beautiful corners of this remote paradise!


As a matter of fact, most people when they hear the name Iceland, think the country is entirely covered with ice. Nevertheless, it is not true, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, flowing around Iceland and bringing a mass of warm air. Despite that, Iceland strikes you with the cold wind and its undeniable severity, which actually when you look closer is breathtakingly beautiful. 
Above all everything here is fresh and unspoiled. I heard many times, all of the geological processes that took place thousands of years ago are taking place now in Iceland which makes this country a real paradise for geologist and photographers. From my point of view, it is also a paradise for daydreamers, nature lovers, backpackers and everyone looking for an adventure. On the other hand, one of the unique attractions Iceland has to offer is the volcanoes, to be more precise, over 130 volcanoes from which 33 are still active. 
Furthermore, Iceland lies on two continent plates North American and Eurasian with attention to the fact that you can see it above the ground! The presence of two tectonic plates is the reason for all volcanic activity, as well as geothermal activity. Which makes it pretty adventurous even being there, taking into consideration that any of these active volcanoes can erupt at any time. Well, now I realise why there are so little people living there. In fact, Iceland is considered one of the least populated country in the world. Only 3,7 people per km2.


You probably know about Iceland precious resource which is geothermal water. Being that, Icelanders use it for many purposes, like heating, energy, recreation and even cooking! They have special kitchens where they use only hot steam to cook or bake. In my opinion, Icelandic bread baked on a hot Icelandic stem is the best one I ever have a pleasure to try. 
Speaking about geothermal water I have to say about the favourite activity of local people and not only local. Namely, geothermal swimming pools which they like to call the liquid sun. Since the weather in Iceland is not always sunny, locals had to find a way to cheer themselves up. Icelanders love socialising in the swimming pools and talking immersed in hot water, no matter what time of the year. 
I tried it myself and must say is truly a blessing! For the people who prefer to enjoy the liquid sun surrounded by nature, Iceland has got many hot springs. Therefore, you can take a bath without paying any fee, just check first if the water is not too hot.


How to explore Iceland spectacular nature? Well, it won’t be difficult, cause wonders are waiting for you behind every corner. The first impression you have crossing these impenetrable roads is, that this land is completely uninhabited. Anywhere you look, the earth is flat and up to the horizon, there is just soil. Suddenly behind the corner, you see this massive waterfall and spectacular nature showing off. Water spreading and covers everything with a mysterious mist.

I must say, Iceland was for me an unusual trip of many first times. For the first time, I’ve been watching the waves so huge and strong that might kill people. In fact, many locals told me, it actually happened a few times. The infamous yet breathtakingly beautiful place is called Reynisfjara – The Black Beach and thanks to irresponsible tourist gained notoriety (check here why Black Beach is extremely dangerous).

This place looks like out of this world, with the black volcanic sand, linear basalt columns and of course huge waves of the Atlantic Sea. Unfortunately, the need for taking the best shots of pictures or going more further than other people is bigger than awareness of the consequences of the actions taken. Consequently, answering the question of “How to explore Iceland?”, I would answer – safely and respectfully.


Many want to explore Iceland. As a tourist destination, Iceland is becoming very popular due to the new cheap flight connections. Unfortunately still not ready to handle so many tourists in terms of security. There are no regulations in this field. No fences, enter or boundaries, although according to the locals it is soon expected to change which doesn’t make them happy, since until now they had full access to everything that Iceland has to offer.
Icelandic are proud of their country, they care about it and are aware of sustainability as well as ecology. Iceland was ranked as one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world! As a matter of fact, all electricity on the island is produced by renewable energy sources. Unlike other countries, Iceland has the cleanest water in each tap! It’s good to know when you get there, there is no need to buy water. The tap water is clean, safe and delicious. It’s great to see how people in Iceland care about nature and the environment.
Naturally, this is not where my story ends. It’s impossible to explore Iceland in one go, some people say you would need months to do that well. Although to properly explore Iceland, you can not miss The Northern Lights! And that is what you’ll be reading about in the next article about Iceland! Sign up for a newsletter so you won’t miss it.

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