Top 30 Best Travel Experiences

by Monika Telenga

The day has come! Today is my 30th birthday, therefore instead of complaining about how quickly time passes by, I decided to write another article. It may inspire and make you want to pack your bags and go travel. I created a list of top 30 travel experiences that happened during the time I have spent travelling, get a plunge and get inspired!

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Drink Coffee like Casanova in Venice

Italy is a country that is inseparably associated with coffee, well maybe just after pizza, pasta and gelato. Personally, love to sip coffee in places with a beautiful view, I could not resist a visit to Caffé Florian on St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

Besides almost perfect location, the place is soaked with romantic histories. That is to say, Casanova himself chose this Caffé for romantic rendezvous with his lovers. Believe me when I say that there were many! It is no coincidence that he chose Caffé Florian because in 1720 it was the only place that allowed the presence of women. As a result, for over 300 years, the Caffé is still operating and is considered the oldest in Europe.

To clarify, it is not cheap here, coffee costs from 10 to 20 euros. However, if you have a soft spot for romantic scenery, it is definitely worth trying. For me, it was like moving back to the 18th century. The band was playing the violin behind my back and I could almost sense in the air the secret love affairs that used to happen here.

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Meteora Rocks In Greece

Somewhere in the middle of the Greek country, far from the coast, unusual rocks grow out of the ground, they look as if someone has placed them there for fun, like Lego blocks. This thought was rumbling in my head when I saw this breath-taking view for the first time.

Meteora rocks rise to a height of up to 1800 feet and are a holy place for the Greeks, why? There are 24 monasteries at the top of the rocks, founded in the fourteenth century. To this day, six of them are still inhabited. For me, the phenomenon of Meteora was not monasteries, but rocks. In other words, how did they get there? And what makes them so amazingly beautiful?

Firstly, according to the theory of scientists, for millions of years, river boulders pushed the waters towards the Aegean Sea, giving the impression that the earth has grown. Secondly, according to Greek mythology, it was a place of battle between the Titans and the gods of Olympus. However, in my opinion, this place is above all magical, wrapped in blissful peace and silence.

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Wake up in Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is a land of 72 waterfalls that inspired Tolkien to create the Rivendell Valley in the Lord of the Rings novel. Therefore, waking up in this Alpine valley, I did not quite believe that I was in the real world and not in the picture from the book. In addition, this view has appeared many times on the Internet when I was searching for travel inspirations and I have always dreamed of how wonderful it would be to pitch a tent there. My dream came true, I have stayed in Lauterbrunnen many times, but I still want to go back there.

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Alhambra the miracle of architecture

Fortress or castle? Certainly, a reminiscence of the Arab domination, precisely Moorish which were the people that dominated the Iberian Peninsula for quite some time. The building is located in Granada in the Spanish Andalusia region, it is piled up on a hill, protected at the back by the Sierra Nevada mountains and is surrounded by a river. Certainly, it is a real architectural wonder.

I didn’t know then, that it was my dream to see this place but sitting on a stone bench, I realised that I had a dreamlike view in front of me. With legs hanging down, in the light of the setting sun, I watched Alhambra from the “Mirador de San Nicolas” viewpoint.

I am not a fan of the buildings, but this one definitely has something that I was captivated by. Certainly, it’s made with incredible precision and fantasy. Above all, I was amazed by the symmetry of the surrounding gardens which were full of plants and fountains. The whole complex is designed so you can walk there in awe for hours.

For me, this moment on the observation deck was one of those moments when you just feel that you are in the right place at the right time and everything is as it should be. A hot May evening, 10 centuries-old palace right at my feet, behind me a joyful buzz, someone plays a Spanish song on the guitar. The time has stopped.

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Visit Surfers Paradise in Portugal

Tell me, have you ever dreamt of riding the perfect wave and feeling the wind blowing through your hair? I had an image of myself surfing the ocean waves like a pro. In fact, I did not look proud and carefree at all.

My first time on a surfboard was an uneven fight with every incoming wave and constant attempts to catch my breath. It was not easy, but the feeling of being able to balance even for a moment was just great!  Consequently, despite falling down many times, I kept getting up to catch another wave. And the waves were huge on a Hawaiian scale!

The southern coast of Portugal, more precisely Sagres, is called a paradise for surfers. In my opinion, it is also a paradise for everyone who likes to experience pure nature. Firstly, the raw cliffs of the majestic coast walls, covered with a carpet of lush green grass. Secondly, golden beaches which contrast with various shades of the blue ocean. Thirdly, the giant, raging waves, carrying surfers on their backs. Aloha and be cool!

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be like Bond in Monte Carlo

Monaco, the smallest country in the world (after the Vatican) is a country of many great things. That is to say, it has the most beautiful coast, having one of the oldest and most popular casinos in Europe and has the highest percentage of millionaires and billionaires recorded. Moreover, having the fastest world rides on the most demanding track in Formula 1 races and the most expensive and extravagant yachts docked in the port. If I had to think about the most luxurious place, it would be Monaco.

Certainly, Monaco is inseparably associated with money and that is due to gambling that has been going on continuously for over 150 years. When watching movies about James Bond, which incidentally were shot in Monte Carlo, I dreamt of finding myself in this unreal scenery and trying my luck. Dreams are quite common to come true, and I had my chance to become Bond’s girlfriend. I played Black Jack and Russian roulette, the emotions were at a zenith and despite losing my 50 euros, the fun was great!

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Canoe the Fjords in Norway

That is exactly what my dream sounded like. My friend worked as a canoeing instructor in Norway and I decided to visit her. Flam is a small town located in one of the most charming municipalities in Norway, Aurland. This region is famous for the country’s longest fjord, Sognefjorden.

During my stay in Flam, two of my dreams come true. Since it is a polar day in June in Norway, it means that it is practically not getting dark at all. I have always wanted to experience something like this. Have to admit that it was quite confusing when at midnight when we were on our way back from the beer pub Egir (a great place decorated in the style of a Viking house), it was still bright outside.

To sum up, kayaks, it is one of the better ways to explore the fjords. Sailing in a kayak through the fjord I could see, feel, touch and totally immerse in the scenery straight from the Jurassic Park movie. Firstly, I admired the high mountains and breath-taking views and then we parked the kayak on the beach and went up on the mountains to admire the views from a different perspective. Norway is a place where many dreams can be fulfilled. That’s why I plan to go back there for sure.

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Show some Parisian chic

I will not lie to you, Paris was not the love at first sight for me. It took a lot of time and many visits to Paris before I began to appreciate its beauty. But, regardless of whether you like a city or not there are things you just want to try. The French cabaret is one of them! In my case, not one but three!

I had the opportunity to visit the three most famous cabarets in Paris, namely Moulin Rouge, Cabaret Lido and Cabaret Paradis Latin. To think that it began with a basement in the Montmartre district, famous for the shrines of sinful pleasure. This basement was initially a meeting place for intoxicated artists who improvised performances in front of their glass companions. The tradition that began since 1881 has evolved considerably.

Today the cabaret is a symbol of Paris and one of the most recognizable places in the French capital right after the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. In other words, in its present form, it’s a spectacular spectacle, in no way reminiscent of that of the nineteenth century. For instance, a delightful interior, full of splendour. Moreover, the most beautiful dancers, dressed in fancy costumes with feathers and sometimes just in the feathers…

Great music, refined dance choreographies, and of course the famous can-can dance. Subsequently, add to this a small elegant table in the middle of a large hall with dim lights and a dazzling flashlight, a glass of champagne in your hand and a real feast just in front of you!

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Sail the islands of Croatia

How many islands do you think Croatia has? Well, according to the Croatian Tourist Board, there are 1244 of them! If you distinguish those with an area of ​​more than 1 km2, there will be 78. Of these 78, during 8 days of sailing, I was able to visit 5, Hvar, Korcula, Makarska, Mljet and Sipan.

However, it is not about the numbers here. Most importantly, Croatian islands are real gems on the Adriatic Sea. Each one of them is distinguished by its history, architecture, nature and above all delicious food. As a coffee lover, I cannot forget about Veliki Macchiato, which contains the perfectly matched proportions of coffee and milk froth.

In conclusion, it was an amazing holiday, that I spent on a wooden boat with two decks and a large white sail. Certainly, it was the greatest opportunity to relax. Gliding through the blue Adriatic I watched the green hills pass, life happening on the islands and how my tan was changing. Sunrises and sunsets in the most beautiful sceneries and nights under the stars spent on the upper deck. You will not be surprised to find that there are 73 other islands on my list to visit.

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Celebrate The King's Day in Amsterdam

One of the biggest street events in the world is happening every year on April 27, to celebrate the Duch King’s birthday. This tradition was initiated in 1885 to increase the sense of national unity and continues to this day. It is a festival which involves the whole country!

It is definitely an event promoting national unity. Almost the entire nation and those who came as tourists dress orange that day as an expression of pride for the Dutch royal family. It makes an amazing sensation, about a million people flood the streets and canals of Amsterdam like orange confetti. There are 165 canals in Amsterdam and almost all of them have boat parties happening that day. The most famous Dutch DJs play on the outskirts of Amsterdam, where the largest, paid concerts are held.

In the centre of the streets, there is a free party that continues day and night. Some small streets are insanely full of people. If you are a small person like me, the crowd will carry you and you will not even feel that you are touching the ground with your feet. Most importantly, you can make many friends that day, because everyone is in a very good mood and willing to have fun together. I think everyone should be there at least once!

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Find Hidden treasures of Wales

Wales, located in the south-west of Great Britain, is a paradise for nature lovers. Therefore, it’s an ideal place for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city amid the silence and ubiquitous greenery. The flagship place to visit in Snowdonia is, of course, Snowdon, the highest peak of Wales, 3560 feet. Maybe not much, but what views!

Exploring deeper I came across a real hit. In other words, near the village of Abergwyngregyn, there is a valley that hides inside the stunning Aber Falls waterfalls. One of them made my jaw drop with delight. Water was falling therefrom a height of 121 feet, spectacularly splashing on the stones and creating a charming mist around. I was in seventh heaven. Then the further part of the route led high above the valley, showing other beautiful views. Anyway, there is not much to talk about here, you have to see it!

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Go to Octoberfest in Munich

Octoberfest an unusual festival with many years of tradition (exactly 204 years). It started in Germany, exactly in Munich and it’s known all over the world. If you are one of the few people who have not heard of this event, I will briefly say that it is a festival, otherwise known as the beer festival.

To clarify, during two weeks, over 6 million people gather on the outskirts of Munich, Theresienwiese. Firstly, they passionately devote themselves to celebrating by drinking over 7 million litres of beer. This is not an ordinary beer, because it was created according to a special recipe unchanged for over 500 years!

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in this unique festivity. Even though Octoberfest-like events are now organized in different parts of the world, none of them equals the one in Munich. Personally, was delighted with the finesse of the outfits. An unwritten requirement for participation in the festival is to have a traditional Bavarian costume. Both men and women make every effort to look exactly like the inhabitants of Bavaria once. 

I spent the day in great company. It was full of dances, songs and endless fun. This year, Octoberfest is officially cancelled because of the coronavirus. However, nothing is lost, maybe next year it will work. And then you better be ready! Prepare your outfit, a thickly stuffed wallet (because it’s not cheap) and a strong head. Arranged like this,  you’ll be ready to spend an unforgettable day in a Bavarian village!

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Visit The Caribbean of the North

The Hebrides is an archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean located at the north-western tip of Great Britain. They are also called the North Caribbean because of the intense turquoise colour of the ocean and the wide beaches with white sand. Undeniably, Hebrides is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. That is why a separate article will be made about them. Here I wanted to draw attention to one aspect of the trip, which I particularly remember.

I highly value places where you can experience nature absolutely. Where there are not many buildings and crowds. In the Hebrides, nature presents itself in all its glory, green hills cut with harsh rocks, waterfalls, rapid streams, cliffs, celestial beaches surrounded by a vastness of the ocean.

I have always dreamed that I would live in such a place for a while. And it happened, I stayed in a cottage on the cliff above the ocean. I drank the morning coffee by the sun rising over the ocean. In the evening, I lit the fireplace and listened to the crackling of the fire. Just as I dreamed and much more. But I will tell you about it next time.

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Have a pint of Guinness in Dublin

I am convinced that the desire of drinking Guinness in an Irish pub will work with many of you. In the beginning, I can say that I never liked Guinness in the first place. However, I have heard many times that it tastes very different in an Irish pub. I did not want to believe it, but I decided to find out.  

It was a two-day trip at the beginning of March. The hostel where I stayed was located right on the main street with pubs. Literally at the corner of the most famous bar in Dublin, Temple Bar. This place cannot be missed, and when you cross its threshold you will probably stay there. Although many other pubs on this street did not disappoint either. Most of them play live music, therefore laud songs, dances and vibrant chatter can be heard even through the windows.

The whole street is teeming with life. I was stunned by the atmosphere of this place. Temple Bar boasts daily sessions of traditional live music! I was hypnotized by the artist’s abilities and the positive energy of this place. A mug of Guinness was the perfect complement and you probably already guessed that it tasted great.

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Sail the Greek Islands

As you have probably noticed, I really like islands and getting around the water is one of my favourite ways to explore. There are as many as 165 inhabited islands in Greece. During three days of sailing on the Ionian Islands, I managed to reach Lefkada, Ithaca and Kefalonia. Surely, I was charmed by the little port towns. Time slows down there and people radiate not only reflected sunlight, but the joy of life.

Many times, I have watched the elderly and their smiles, who seemed to be experiencing their second youth. After that, I walked between small white houses, from which colourful flowers hung like chains on a Christmas tree. In the evenings, I could see pubs filled to the brim, where long conversations took place. However, the most beautiful were the sunrises on the boat, when after a hot night under the stars, I watched the world come to life again.

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the largest food battle in the world

Do you know how much it is 160 tons of tomatoes? Imagine 6 big trucks full of tomatoes, which within an hour will be thrown onto the streets of the Spanish town of Bunol. The crowd of people thirsty for tomatoes are waiting impatiently. They have been waiting for the whole year for that special day!

Why are 50,000 people looking forward to trucks full of tomatoes? Well, this is the only such opportunity to flatten someone’s face without consequence, get soiled without remorse, and even bathe in a tomato river.

Every year, the town of Bunol, located near beautiful Valencia, attracts lovers of the tomatoes battle. Of course, as in any game, there are rules. Firstly, you should always crush the tomatoes in your hand before throwing, so as not to harm anyone. Secondly, do not bring any dangerous items to the battlefield and keep a distance from the trucks that drive tomatoes. In addition, generally, be respectful of others and yourself.

By sticking to the rules, you have great fun guaranteed. So if you ever dreamed of becoming a human tomato passata, I highly recommend La Tomatina!

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See eternal snow of the Jungfrau mountain

I have always dreamt of being at the top of the four-thousand peak. Unfortunately, I do not have the skills and fitness to climb there. Therefore, my alternative was the highest passenger railway in Europe. It took me to a height of 11 332 feet, to the Jungfraujoch pass known as the “Top of Europe”. Called like this because it is the highest altitude railway station in Europe (Jungfrau literally translates into a virgin).

On the last section of the route, the train enters a tunnel hollowed out at 10km. An hour and a half journey by this amazing train provide enormous impressions and wonderful views, but what you find on top exceeds all expectations. The Jungfrau peak is located at 13 642 feet. You can see it from the Sphinx observatory, which offers a cross-section of the entire panorama of the region.

Suddenly, in front of me opens the land of eternal snow. A breath-taking view of the soaring Alpine peaks and the 14-mile-long Aletsch glacier between them. Spotlessly white, pristine, wonderfully beautiful scenery.

To sum up, for the adventurous, it is very popular to take a half-naked photo of your back while facing the mountains. Apparently, it releases a lot of endorphins, but I have not tried it myself yet, so this challenge is still ahead of me.

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Snowboard in Italian Dolomites

Probably as one of the few in age 30, I tried, for the first time how snowboarding really is. I threw myself into deep water because I planned a trip to the Italian Alps. Trentino is a famous region in the Italian Dolomites and is called the kingdom of winter sports. In the Val di Fiemme valley, there are 1200km of slopes at an altitude of 860m to 2267m above sea level. It might sound a bit scary to someone who has never had a snowboard on their feet.

Fortunately, it turned out that when we exit the ski lift on 2 000 m there was a small slope prepared especially for kids. And at the same time, the perfect hill for beginner snowboarders. It turned out, later that on the same day I went down the blue route 5 miles-long.  Shortly speaking, I would call an unforgettable adventure and I will share details one day wit you.

Trentino, and exactly the small town of Cavalese, where we stayed is the perfect spot for morning coffee. Every morning I stood on the balcony of our house with a view of the Dolomites with a cup of coffee. The intense Italian sun was slowly rising above the summits. These are one of the little important moments that I enjoy the most!

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Visit Plitvice Lakes Croatian wonder of nature

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a guarantee of satisfaction. No matter how picky you are, there is no way that this view will not delight you. Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the pictures is – I want to take a bath there! Unfortunately, no matter how tempting these endless, crystal-clear, turquoise lakes are, you cannot swim there and it does not fall out either. This could disturb the perfect harmony of the ecosystems.

Undoubtedly, it is a unique place, 16 lakes arranged in cascades and located at different levels. Over 90 waterfalls that are alive and are constantly changing due to the continuous application and rinsing processes. This creates a unique mosaic of shapes and colours that stays in your memory for a long time.

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European Rio de Janeiro

Every year in February in Santa Cruz, the capital of the Spanish island of Tenerife, famous carnival party that last 15 days takes place, Tenerife carnival is considered the second most popular and known all over the world right after Rio de Janeiro.

I was not in Brazil, but what I saw in Santa Cruz exceeded my wildest expectations. If you want to learn more about the Carnival of Tenerife, I devoted a separate chapter in my article about this wonderful island.

30 .

African safari in Tanzania

My safari trip took place during the holidays that I spent on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. My dream has always been to try a real African safari and being so close to one of the most beautiful African national parks I was tempted. The details of the whole trip will, of course, be described in the next entries, but here I wanted to talk about a particularly exciting and terrifying encounter.

Of course, when going on an African safari the main goal was to observe wild animals living in their natural environment, and of course, that if you are going to visit the animal kingdom, you would like to meet the savannah king, but to meet the lion face to face, without the fence protecting you, is not something you can prepare for. The lion lay down lazily on the road as we crossed and was not even a fully grown-up individual, probably a youth, but when he raised his head and looked at us with his golden eyes, everyone in the car sat down immediately.

Do not get me wrong it was a huge experience, extremely fascinating, but also making us realize how little we mean in the face of nature.

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An island that you will inevitably associate with the American animated film “Madagascar”. It is a good start, but I honestly encourage you to reach for more.

During my stay on this paradise island, I made a lot of dreams come true, I visited the equatorial forest full of exotic plants and creatures, I went through the canyon, which is a cemetery, I bathed under the waterfall, saw the baobab forest, coral reef and lemurs moving their body.

A lot of what I saw in Madagascar caught my heart and if you want to learn more, I invite you to read my article.

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Listen to Hanz Zimmer concert in London

Speaking of the top 30 travel experiences, this list could not exist without placing here the concert of one of the greatest composers of all time. If God forbid, the name Hanz Zimmer doesn’t tell you much, then you definitely know titles such as “The Lion King”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Inception”, “Gladiator”, “Interstellar” and “Batman”.

Well, the music for these and many other films was composed by Hans Zimmer, because I am a great lover of cinema and instrumental music especially moves me, I always wanted to go to the concert of this great composer performed by a symphony orchestra. I was able to buy tickets for a concert in London that took place during the World Tour of Hans Zimmer. Musical and visual impressions were stunning.

Hearing this beautiful music at its best was an unforgettable experience, long after the concert I was still impressed by the artistic genius of Hans Zimmer and if I can, I will definitely go again. London is not just Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, red telephone booths or double-decker city buses. It is a city where culture is constantly intertwined with art, where you can draw inspiration from the best of the best.

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Climb active volcano on Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a beautiful Caribbean island located in the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Geographically, this is Central America but administratively belongs to France. Why there? Well, there were cheap tickets, but I was mainly attracted by the wildness of nature.

Guadeloupe has an active volcano, La Soufriere, which is the French term for “sulfur in the air.” You can definitely feel it by climbing the volcano. The unpleasant smell resembling the smell of rotten eggs floats in the air, the closer to the crater the more intensely. This is not a big obstacle, because the views that surround you, are beautiful. The road to the volcano leads first through the tropical forest, then through the plateau, from which you can already admire the majestic dormant mountain with a height of 4049 feet above sea level. The road is quite easy and definitely pleasant.

Throughout the climb, I was excited to be able to stand at the crater itself. After all, you can literally look deep into the earth. There wasn’t much to see, because the clouds of smoke coming out of the crater obscured the visibility, but the very fact that it was at the interface of two worlds caused a cold shiver to go down my back. Fortunately, La Soufriere volcano is deeply asleep, at least for now …

30 .

Wonder around island of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is the first tropical island on the other side of the equator that I visited. The reason for choosing this destination was extremely cheap flight tickets. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up in the morning to the sound of the ocean waves, opening the door of the bungalow and walking barefoot on the sand to see all shades of turquoise bathed in sunlight. That’s how every day started on the paradise island of Zanzibar.

I will quote a fragment from my article about the trip to Zanzibar and if you want more, you can read it here … “The water was deep blue, we were slowly approaching the island when suddenly dolphins appeared near our boat! I’ve never seen them in the natural environment before, that’s why my heart started to beat faster.

Niambu explained to us that this group of dolphins was passing by in search of food, he directed the boat towards them and said that we would have to jump soon into the water if we want to watch them closely. In great excitement, we began to put on fins and masks (I have never done it so quickly), before I even realise I was looking at something incredible, something I have never seen before. I saw around 30 dolphins, bigger and smaller swimming underneath me.

30 .

See the most beautiful Caribbean Beach

I will return to Guadeloupe because this is where the most beautiful Caribbean beach is located. This is a subjective opinion, but completely honest. Being on the “Plage de la Caravelle”, at the time I could not believe where I was.

Do you associate this feeling when you try to pinch yourself to see if it truly is reality? Despite that, I had a constant feeling that this place seems familiar, but I was in the Caribbean for the first time, so I didn’t know the landscape from before. After some time, I had a revelation, I tried to find words to describe how perfect this place seems and suddenly it occurred to me that I felt like I was on one of the Windows wallpapers:]

30 .

Budapest must see

I couldn’t decide to choose one place in Budapest, being there you just have to try at least two of these three recommendations. Something for the body, which would be Szechenyi thermal baths, whose tradition dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Szechenyi is the largest thermal swimming pool in Europe, it has 18 indoor and outdoor pools. All this is surrounded by beautiful Baroque architecture, which distinguishes this object from others of this type.

After swimming in thermal pools, it is time for something for the soul, the perfect end to the day is to go on a cruise on the Danube River, which flows through the city centre dividing Budapest into two parts and thus enabling a view of everything that is most beautiful. Believe me, when I say, this is an experience like no other, two-hour dinner cruise onboard and a view of the blinding splendour, the most famous parliament building.

The last recommendation is for both the body and the spirit, it is an explosion of emotions and total mind blow, one of the largest music festivals in Europe, Sziget! It takes place on an island where during one day you can see up to 50 concerts and meet people from over 100 countries. The moment you cross the entrance gate, you enter the island of freedom, from now on you can be whoever you want there, with a feeling of complete acceptance.

30 .

Spend a sunny day in Disneyland

Was it your dream to find yourself in one of the Disney cartoons along with all the characters? To enter the famous fairy-tale castle, put on Mickey Mouse ears and try all the carousels? I have to admit that even as an adult woman, I couldn’t and did not want to hide my excitement caused by visiting the most famous theme park in Europe.

The childhood dream became reality and the day turned out to be too short. Disneyland’s fame does not even half describe this fabulous reality. Each carousel is designed with such fantasy and attention to detail that it awakens the imagination of even the greatest sceptics.

In addition, you can also see up close stunt shows, how movies are shot, learn their stories and see props. Not to mention the great parade of all Disney heroes and the fireworks show that ended the day, which totally knocked me off my feet. I was charmed, hypnotized and above all happy!

30 .

Camp on the Jurassic Coast

It is probably hard to imagine that you can spend a hot day at the seaside in England? It’s always raining there and it’s cold, isn’t it? In fact, it rains quite a lot, but it happens that the weather is beautiful and sunny and then you have to catch the day and go on an adventure!

One summer, living in London, I decided to pitch a tent on the south coast of England in Weymouth, a coastal town in Dorset. Lured by the rich in fossils, white, Jurassic cliff coast, which looks stunning in combination with the blue colour of the water, I chose to see an interesting rock formation that looks like a gate standing in the sea and is called “Durdle Door”. Durdle Door is the most photographed object on the Jurassic coast and rightly so!

30 .

Experience The Northern Lights on Iceland

Iceland is an absolute beauty, a real natural wonder, a mysterious and still undiscovered country. The weather here is like a woman pampers in one minute and the next wants to freeze you to death. Being on Iceland I learned that there is no such thing as “bad” weather, only your clothes may not be good enough, so remember that if you are going to Iceland.

During my stay in Iceland, I was honoured to see the most spectacular nature show, of course, I am talking about the Northern Lights. Magic lights shot up into the sky, danced right and left, up and down, and changed their colours to green, yellow and even red. I could not believe my eyes and wanted to scream with happiness.

Somewhere in the total darkness on the outskirts of Reykjavik, a cold wind was breaking through all my outer layers and around me lights were dancing in the sky, performing the most beautiful dance I have ever seen …

If you are reading this it means that you have reached the end. I hope that it was a nice time and that this list was somehow helpful. Let me ask you then, do You have a list of favourite places or travel experiences? 

Feel more than welcome to share in the comments below.


Ola 03/06/2020 - 14:20

Woow, I would love to have a casanova style coffee in the first cafe that could be attended by women 🤩😍

Patricija 04/06/2020 - 03:34

After reading all this I just want to travel even more! Amazing post! 😍🥰 My favorite places would be Italy, Croatia and Portugal for sure! And on my bucket list Iceland, Norway and Greece! 😍
Btw I like your honesty about Paris 😚


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