by Monika Telenga



I travel professionally and for pleasure. Planning new trips brings me great loads of joy and satisfaction. Until now I have visited 35 countries and 126 cities. Must admit that my favourite places to visit are the ones where I can experience wild nature and immerse fully in a culture.

I think exploring the world is one of the most exciting things on earth. The only problem is we think that we have plenty of time to do that.

My travel adventure started at the university. I graduated with a master degree in Tourism and Recreation. That was when I started to organise my first self-made journeys. Last year I decided to share my passion with others and started to work as a Trip Leader for a famous travel operator. Thousands of miles travelled along and across Europe have resulted in an even greater desire to share my passion with you!

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is where your adventure begins !

Now sit back and relax! Stretch your legs, I want you to feel like you were there with me. I will take you to the mighty jungle and to the hottest savannah, to the beautiful bottom of the ocean and the top of the active volcano. Want to show you my world, my passion and places that amazed me.

Above all, I want to remind you, how wonderful it is to plunge deeply into an amazing world of nature and try how the life of local people taste like. To show you a bigger picture beyond your everyday routine and simultaneously the way to benefit from getting involved. Intrigued? Who knows, maybe one day we are going to travel together?

check-in point is a platform for everyone whose mind is twisted about travelling the world. It’s for people who want to use their time efficiently when looking for travel inspirations.

My Travel Style

Discovering actively not only new places and experiences but also myself, so that I can better understand, appreciate and enjoy every moment.

Norway with backpack

Exploring in every way possible, often coming out of my comfort zone. Overcoming fears and boundaries and always with a great respect of our Mother Nature.

Always grateful for little joys like drinking coffee in the morning, which makes me feel a little bit like home in every place that I visit.

Morning coffee in Dolomities

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